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Mustard Seed Beginnings

Mustard Seed Beginnings

My love of all things vintage started in the isles of an antique mall my grandparents had booth spaces at and I found myself fascinated in the stories behind the pieces and what they had previously been used for. I would always daydream about having my own space someday and search for things to fill it with. Growing up our Saturdays were spent searching for new antique stores to shop at or working on project pieces.

Fast forward many years and I had become a stay at home mom with my third baby under a year old. I struggled with Post Pardon Depression and intense anxiety and I felt trapped at home. I needed an outlet that allowed me to stay home with my littles and tap into that creative side that had been pushed to the side. After a lot of prayer and seeking the Lords guidance Mustard Seed Beginning was born.

One of my very favorite things about my business is seeing the items I have found/repurposed or made in your homes. I love the concept of picking …beauty for ashes. Taking things that people no longer think are of value and making them beautiful again. One of my favorite finds is a huge vintage card catalog that found its forever home to a sweet couple out of state.

An all-time favorite quote of mine is by Patsy Stone…

“One should never be the oldest thing in ones home.”

I also make and hand-write the paper scrolled signs – I love making these! Words are so powerful and I love being able to encourage and uplift through signage.

My Mustard Seed was planted in faith and I have been watching it grow since. Thanks so much for reading my business story and supporting this little dream of mine.



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  • Sandy colicci
    Posted at 09:23h, 24 January Reply

    You inspire me to seek the Lord’s help and guidance. I love the name Mustard Seed Beginnings!! When God is involved , our faith reveals miracles.Big or small, I discribe the feeling like a tickle in your heart , when you realize who (God) made it happen !

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